LXBOX — project status

We defined the hardware platform of a new mini-PC on OS Linux, firmware work proceed. We call the device LXBOX (LinuX BOX).

We plan to power the PC by AMD G-series CPU and to use integrated Radeon HD graphics. There are two product lines in our plans. Extended model will have IR-receiver and IR-remote in the set. XBMC shell should be preinstalled — it lets to use LXBOX as a media player.

OS should be Linux Mint MATE. It has all Linux security advantages, a nice look and feel, user-friendly standard interface, that takes low amount of CPU and memory resources. It'll have VGA, HDMI and preliminary DisplayPort video outputs.

The firmware final version, which should include dozens of programs, and prototypes production, is scheduled to Q1 2013. End of tests, checking and serial production start is scheduled to Q3-Q4 2013. We will keep you informed!

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